Where are your rates listed?

Firstly, the price of a voice recording depends greatly on its intended use. A local radio commercial is different from a national TV commercial, even if both are 30 seconds long. Actually, every job is different. Two commercials are not twice as expensive as one. I make agreements with clients who give me multiple jobs […]

What microphone and peripherals do you use?

I use a Gonzo Audio XL251, a Dutch-made tube microphone based on the ELA 251, a sibling of the Neuman U47 and U67. This is connected to a Cranborne Audio Camden pre-amp in an IGS Panzer rack. For AD conversion, I use a Lynx Hilo or a BURL B2 Bomber via a Dante network with […]

Is Dutch the same as Deutsch? And Flemish? Danish?

No, these are different languages. However, the requests I receive suggest that quite a few people believe Dutch people can speak Danish just as easily. While it’s understandable that some might not realize the Dutch are not native Flemish speakers, one would need a native Flemish speaker for that. To sum it up: In the […]

Can you also deliver files in µLaw or ogg-vorbis?

By default, you’ll receive 24bit/48kHz WAV files. Anything is possible, just let me know. It’s good to remind me that the last time I worked for you, it was also mono µLaw at 8-bit/16kHz. If that’s still the desired setting, we’ll make sure everything goes smoothly. Want to double check if I can deliver what […]

Shall I send the text in PDF, Word, or in an email?

Preferably in a Word document or PDF, but it doesn’t matter too much; I can usually adjust it if necessary. For administrative purposes, it’s often useful to keep a script on file with a recording, rather than just as text in an email. Sometimes it’s nice to select and copy the text to something like […]

My client has altered the text, can you re-record it?

Yes, of course. However, there are costs associated with starting a new session. If it’s just one word, it’s usually not a problem. But if sentences or paragraphs need to be edited, it takes time to seamlessly integrate them into the rest of the recording. I’ll ensure it sounds like the script has always been […]